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Sunday, December 16, 2012

Waste Management entrepreneur

Pakistan generates nearly 56000 tons of solid waste daily in urban areas only, and it is increasing at the rate of 2.4% annually. This solid waste is an opportunity for entrepreneurs.
This waste can be recycled, used to produce liquefied petroleum products, or electricity.  There are advanced waste-to-energy conversion technologies that are commercially viable and sustainable. Presently Fauji Cement Company is using municipal solid waste to produce electricity.
Garbage is not only a cheap source of producing electricity but it can also be used to produce fertilizers. It is profitably being converted to fertilizer by an entrepreneur from Lahore.
Asif Farooqi is a green entrepreneur. He is CEO of waste buster, a waste management company. He is the pioneer of the waste management business in Pakistan.
Some years earlier he started with 6 donkey carts that collected waste from house to house. Now his business waste buster has 200 garbage collection vehicle and employees 3000 people. His business is not only about making money but also conserving environment as well.
Mr. Farooqi informed in a report of al Jazeera that what started from six donkey carts has become a business employing three thousand people and all this money is generated from waste. His men collect garbage and other waste from narrow streets of Lahore and deliver to factory through garbage collection vehicles. His waste management plants separate garbage into organic, plastic and metals to produce liquefied petroleum products, and fertilizers for farmlands. 
Asif Farooqi holds masters degree in environmental engineering from northwestern university, USA with specialization in waste management. He has more than 20 years of experience in the field of environmental engineering. His company waste buster is based in Lahore. Many contracts have been won by the waste busters in Karachi and other cities of Pakistan.
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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Iqbal Zafaruddin Ahmed

Iqbal Zafaruddin Ahmed is a Pakistani entrepreneur and philanthropist. His business group, Associated group, was founded by Iqbal and his father. It was 1965 when they laid the foundation of this energy group.
Today his group has become the largest producer, transporter and marketer of liquefied petroleum gas in private sector. The member companies of this group are jamshoro joint venture limited, lub gas, mehran LPG, Pakistan Gasport limited, AG omnimedia, AG publications, and associated estate developer. This group has revenues in excess of 200 million us dollars.
The group has extended its interest in the media and property development by launching AG omni media, AG publications, and associated estate developer.
Iqbal Zafaruddin Ahmed is a self made businessman who started business at the young age of 16. He was born in Patna, India to Z. Z. Ahmed, who later becomes deputy inspector general police (Pakistan). Iqbal Ahmed has been featured in Newsweek international and Forbes. His family has produced lawyers, judges, politician, and bureaucrats. Some leading names from his family include moulvi Ziauddin Ahmed, first Indian to serve as DIG (deputy inspector general) Bombay sindh presidency. Pakistan’s ambassador Riazzuddin. Former (Pakistani) Supreme Court Justice Sabihuddin Ahmed was his cousin.
Mr. Iqbal played an important role in improving Pakistan US relations.
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Monday, November 5, 2012

Pakistani people in private equity industry.

Private equity represents a class of investors, their funds, and their subsequent investments, which are made in private companies or public companies with the goal of taking them private.
Below are some notable Pakistani people from private equity industry around the globe.
1.      Riaz Siddiqi is a Founder and Managing Partner of Denham Capital, a private equity firm that manages over 4 billion dollars and invests in the commodity and energy sectors globally.
2.      Faysal Sohail is a venture capitalist and has served as a General Partner at CMEA Capital since 2002. 
3.      Wahid Hamid is a Senior Partner at Abraaj Capital and Head of Portfolio Management and Operations Group.
4.      Dr. Moeen Qureshi - Chairman of EMP Global, a multi-billion private equity fund; Former Prime Minister of Pakistan; Former CFO of World Bank
5.      Arif Naqvi is founder Abraaj Capital, a leading private equity firm that invests in Middle East and North Africa.
6.      Aamer A. Sarfraz is founder of Indus Basin Holding, a developer of agribusiness projects in Pakistan.
7.      James Caan is also the founder and currently CEO of the UK-based private equity firm Hamilton Bradshaw
8.      asad zain Founding Member at Manara Equity Partners
9.      Abdul Hafeez Sheikh, General Partner New Silk Route Partners (a private equity firm that invests in Asia and middle east)
10.  Sardar Sherazam Mazari. In May 2009, he established Rojhan Capital as Managing Partner, which is an investment and management company focused on Pakistan.
11. Asad Jamal of ePlanet Capital is global venture pioneer. He has offices in Asia, Europe, U.S. he led investments in many hi-tech firms including Baidu ( China’s google), HiSoft (information technology and business process outsourcing company headquartered in China), median technologies (cancer detection company based in France), SiliconFile Technologies(chips for cell phones and cameras, South Korea

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Thursday, November 1, 2012

How much do Pakistani cricketers earn?

According to Najam Sethi, former chairman Pakistan Cricket Board, the board has earned 800 million rupees profit for year ended 30 june, 2014.

But salaries and bonuses of cricketers is nowhere near to what board has earned.
Salaries and match fees according to categories is shown in following table.
Salary per month (PK RUPEE)
Test match fees ( PK RUPEE)
Twenty twenty fees (PK RUPEE)

Category A include Misbah Ul Haq, Muhammad Hafeez, Saeed Ajmal, Shahid Afridi, and Junaid Khan..
Category B includes Younus Khan, Ahmed Shehzad, Umar Akmal, and Umar Gul.
Category C includes Asad Shafiq, Azhar Ali, Adnan Akmal, Khurram Manzoor, Nasir Jamshaid, and Abdul Rehman.
Category D included Sohail Maqsood, Sarfaraz Ahmed, Bilawal Bhatti, Sharjeel Khan, Zulfiqar Babar, Fawad Alam, Ehsan Adil, Mohammad Irfan, Wahab Riaz, Raza Hassan, Umar Amin, Harris Sohail, Rahat Ali, Shaan Masood, Mohammad Talha, and Anwar Ali.
Earlier Shoaib Akhtar said “I was an elite star, still after playing for 14 years; I only made seven to eight crore rupees.” 

"I made seven to eight crore rupees" Shoaib Akhtar

Seven crore rupees translate to 750000 US dollars approximately. This is a small amount when compared with what cricketer from other countries earn. According to the report, which compared the earnings of cricketers from different countries, Pakistani cricketers earn amount roughly equal to UK average wage. According to this report published during 2010 central contract earnings of Pakistani players at that time was 22500£ per annum, per player. The trend around the globe has been changed players are now paid a percentage of board’s annual earning.
Pakistan cricket board should not only take care of international cricketer but also should pay attention to domestic cricketer players. Although Pakistan premiere league can prove to be a ray of hope for these players as well as many aspirant cricketers.

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Monday, October 15, 2012

Textile Industry and Foreign Exchange Earnings.

Textile industry is Pakistan’s largest industry. It employees nearly 15 million people out of about 49 million workforce. Its share in GDP of the country is 8.5%. Majority of Pakistan’s exports are textile products and are exported to EU or USA. Pakistan’s share in international trade of textile is less than 1%.
Textile industry is a low tech industry. Companies involved in this sector do not pay much attention to research and development.
As a result of its being low tech., there is a strong competition among developing countries for the textile markets of the developed world. This makes these countries vulnerable to any fall in demand in the developed world. There are strong trends of deteriorating terms of trade against textile dependent nations. As these countries generally import machinery while export textile products.
The low ability of textile industry to earn foreign exchange leads them to have huge volumes of external debts. The instability of their currencies makes the situation worse by increasing the debt burden of these nations. As a result, balance of payment difficulties and huge fiscal deficit become a frequent problem for these nations.
The balance of payment and fiscal deficit problems leads them to borrow more from external donors. This borrowing hinders the economic growth of these countries as these loans have to be repaid. These underdeveloped countries have huge workforce which needs job opportunity. Lack of economic activity creates unrest among masses. This undermines the democratic process of these countries and military has to intervene from time to time. This happened in Pakistan, turkey, Bangladesh, Indonesia etc. 

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Izzat Majeed, CEO Alyph Limited

Izzat Majeed is an entrepreneur, investor, poet and educationist. His investment company Alyph Limited is a billion dollar company. Izzat Majeed studied in Britain from Oxford University and completed his master’s degree with economics. He started his career as a lecturer at Punjab University. After 7 years as lecturer he resigned from the university. He still lectures in west on Islam. In 1982 he moved to Saudi Arabia where he served as an advisor to Saudi Arabian minister, his Excellency Hisham Nazer. After leaving advisory to Saudi minister he started an investment company, Alyph Limited in London.
Alyph Limited has investment in green field industrial and infrastructural investment projects globally. The business interests of this company around the world exceeds 1 billion us dollars. In Pakistan Izzat Majeed bought union bank and then sold it to standard chartered bank.
His interest in music especially classical music led to the birth of Sachal Music in Lahore.

Sunday, September 30, 2012

Pakistan has one of the largest diasporas of the world.

The population of Pakistani Diaspora is more than the population of many countries. There are approximately 7 million people living overseas.
These people include world class professionals. Many doctors, engineers, business managers, etc. are working in different countries. Pakistan has world’s best doctors. They are serving in almost all countries of the world.
Pakistan has some best centers of higher education although they are few in numbers. These institutes include Ghulam Ishaq Khan Institute of science and technology, NUST, NED, IBA, LUMS, etc.
Expatriates serving in United States, United Kingdom are entrepreneurs, executives and other successful professional while those serving in Middle East are generally laborers. Rich expatriates are living overseas with their families while those less affluent are living alone. Pakistan receives enormous remittances especially from Middle East countries as expatriates from these countries send money to their families. Middle Eastern countries do not allow naturalization.
In European countries and in United States, it is estimated that half of Pakistanis have received their nationality. There are second and third generations of Pakistanis living there. These Pakistanis have learned a lot about foreign cultures and are increasingly intermingling with the local people from those countries.
Pakistan can export more man power to Middle Eastern countries as well as other countries facing shortage of manpower. There are many countries whose work force is shrinking owing to ageing of their population like Italy, Australia etc. and Pakistanis can benefit from opportunities in those countries. Although Pakistanis have to face stiff competition from china and India as both have huge population and have good standard of education. The increasing competition can only be faced by increasing the higher education spending as well as excess of higher education to more people.
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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Saltflow, Inc.

Saltflow, inc. is a conglomerate and has stakes in diverse fields. Saltflow was founded in 2005 by Arif Ayub, a Pakistani national. This group is based in Dubai, UAE.
Saltflow has annual revenues in excess of $570 million annually. Group is involved in a number of fields including construction industry, trade and retail industry, and technology industry. Group has expanded its presence to North America through acquisitions.
Group’s technology business is heavily centered in Russia and controls internet companies primarily targeted at mobile and financials solutions for consumers.
In North America group has stakes in retail and trade sector. Group has invested huge amounts in retail brands and is expecting good returns.
Group also has stakes in construction industry.
Presently group provides employment to more than 500 people.
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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Asia Pacific millionaires

Asia pacific has surpassed North America in largest number of millionaires. According to the Asia pacific wealth report 2012, a product of capgemini and RBC wealth management, there are 3.37 million millionaires in the region. This number surpasses that of North America, the land of largest economy.
According to the report the total combined wealth of all millionaires in the region is 10.7 trillion us dollars.
The report attributed this growth in number of millionaires to two factors.
  1. healthy GDP (gross domestic product) growth
  2. strong base of entrepreneurship
In past few years Asia pacific has grown significantly. The world’s fastest growing economies are china and India both situated in the region and both are growing significantly for more than a decade. According to the report Asia pacific economy, excluding Japan, is expected to grow 6.1 percent in 2012 and 6.6 percent in 2013. These high figures are expected to be driven by growth in Indian and Chinese economies.
This high growth number of millionaires has led to high demand for wealth management services. And wealth management companies are facing acute shortage of wealth management professionals. 
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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Sadeq Saeed, a Pakistani banker

Sadeq Sayeed is a prominent Pakistani banker and electrical engineer. Presently he is serving London based hedge fund firm, Metage Capital Limited, as its chairman.
Sayeed was born in Pakistan and went to United States for studies. He took admission in Massachusetts Institute of Technology undergraduate programme in economics with concentration in electrical engineering. Later he also got his master in finance from the MIT.
He started his active professional life at the age of 23 by joining World Bank. His assignments in World Bank include working as research associate and internal consultant.
Later in 2000 he joined Nomura group, a Japanese financial conglomerate. Before joining Nomura he also served Credit Suisse First Boston, an investment banking division of Credit Suisse group.
At retirement from Nomura, he is reported to have received severance package amounting to 34 million us dollars.
In Pakistan he along with shaukat tareen, former Pakistani finance minister, led consortium which acquired controlling stakes in Saudi pak commercial bank. Later Saudi pak commercial bank was renamed as Silk Bank Limited.

Monday, September 10, 2012

How hundi/hawala system works

Hundi or hawala is an important element in economic life of many Pakistanis and Indians. Nearly 900 million US dollars are remitted every month to Pakistan through this informal system of money transfer. This system evolved centuries ago and now has been established on modern principles.

So what hawala (hundi) is?

hawala (hundi) is a system of transferring value without actual transfer of money from one place to another. Hawala payment works on the basis of trust.

It works when one person wants to send money to another person, at another place. He tells a secret word (password) to payee, in another location. Then goes to hundi agent, gives him money and tells him same secret word (password). Hundi agent tells amount as well as password to his other office, at another location, where value is to be transferred. This other office makes payment to the person who tells password. Now the payee got the payments and one office has become debtor of another.

Same process will be repeated between two offices when transfer is to be made and after setting off each others liabilities, balance amount will be transferred through actual cash delivery between offices.

Hawala/hundi system remains an impediment in increasing foreign exchange reserves of the country and must be discouraged. This can be done by making banking channel more efficient.

Using this system for money transfer in a country is illegal, but it can be used inside country for transfer of value from one city to another. Mobile banking also uses this method of money transfer.

Monday, July 9, 2012

Success achieved by Pakistani bloggers.

Income diary has a post named ‘20 top blog sales’ that has a list of blogs that were sold for millions. In recent past a name of Pakistani blog appeared in ‘top earning blogs’ on incomediary. According to incomediary Saad Hamid’s blog Sizlopedia was making 11000 us dollars per month.
Blogging has become common in Pakistan and there are many successful bloggers in Pakistan. Recently another success has been achieved in this area by Pakistanis. Gagism.com, a humor blog, co-founded by Farrukh Zafar and Salman Saeed, has been acquired by an Australian firm for rupees 10 million (105000 us dollars approximately).  Presently gagism has a team of 6 members including two founders. 
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Saturday, June 16, 2012

Founded by former income tax oficer

Interwood Mobel is Pakistan’s largest producer of wooden furniture. Interwood Mobel is founded and run by Farooq Malik, who is a former government employee at FBR. Interwood is manufacturer and retailer of furniture and owns retail outlet in many cities of the country. Presently this company is running 6 show rooms in Lahore, Karachi, and Islamabad. Nearly 1500 people are working for this company. Presently interwood is working with international household company Ikea. According to Farooq Malik profit margin is low but his company is learning a lot from Ikea.
The lifestyle of Interwood Mobel owner resembles that of Ikea owner Ingvar Kamprad. He lives in a rented house and owns an old car. He frequently attends exhibition in different countries and according to him he learns from these events. He is impressed with the creativity of Italian people.
Interwood Mobel was started when Mr. Malik was removed from government service. He started by making television cabinet, and then converted to manufacturing wooden doors. Meanwhile he was reinstated in previous job by government. After his retirement from government service as a 22 grade officer he started focusing on his business. Now his other family members have also joined him in this business.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Tariq Farid, Pakistani American entrepreneur

Tariq Farid is a Pakistani born American. He started his entrepreneurial career at an early age, by successfully managing flower shops. His latest started venture is Farid Capital Corporation that helps franchises buying equipment. Farid is a serial entrepreneur. Besides starting Farid Capital Corporation he is also operating an international franchise business by the name edible arrangements. Edible arrangements was started by Tariq along with his brother in 1999. His edible arrangements boasted revenues of 195million us dollars in 2008, and owns 883 franchises internationally.
His other entrepreneurial ventures are related to software. He created Netsolace, which is a software company and specializes in providing software to franchise industry.
Farid attribute his success to his business philosophy. According to him his success has come from paying attention to often overlooked details such as website, order tracking and follow-up customer service, the logo and branding, and employee training.
Farid has been recognized as an entrepreneur of the year by international franchise association in 2009.
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Monday, April 16, 2012

Netsol, software company from Pakistan

NetSol is a Pakistani software company. It was a small company started by three brothers in Lahore with 5 people. But now it has been registered at NASDAQ USA and employees more than 800 people. NetSol technologies is only company in Pakistan to have focused on certification. It is one of the hundred companies which have acquired CMMI level 5 certification. This is one of the reasons of its success because consumer is short of time and can trust the product developed by certificate companies.
NetSol technologies begin its operation in 1995 and got a major break through in 1996 when it got first major offshore contract with Mercedes Benz, Thailand. Since then it is receiving orders from many international clients.
Its product achieved world wide acclaim and some of its products are NetSol financial suit, e-CIB (electronic credit information bureau), etc. NetSol technologies has offices in different countries including United States, United Kingdom and Australia. It's headquarter is in California USA. In 2008 it has earned revenue of 37 million us dollars.
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Sunday, April 15, 2012


Sadruddin Hashwani is a Pakistani billionaire. According to information available on the internet he has a net worth of 1 billion us dollars. He owns many five star hotels including world famous Marriott hotel Islamabad. He also owns stakes in many other businesses. He provides services to many people by offering staying facilities to many delegations foreign as well as domestic. His businesses also include oil and gas exploration and Production Company. He provides employment to many people directly and indirectly.
There are many other businessmen who provide employment to many people. Many overseas Pakistanis also have invested heavily in Pakistan like Sir Anwer Perwaiz. His Bestway group has invested in banking and cement manufacturing sector. His businesses also employees many people. Along with providing employment, his business produces products that are exported to many other countries. Cement manufactured by his plant is exported in huge quantity to Malaysia earning heavy foreign exchange.
Alsher Fiyaz is another expatriate Pakistani who is the founder of alfi investment and his company has stakes in shipping and retailing industry. His brother Javed Fiyaz is involved in many charity projects in Pakistan. Fiyaz family has an estimated net worth of 3 billion pounds.
Entrepreneurs generate opportunities for employment and earning foreign exchange. They produce goods and services for consumption inside and outside our country. So in regard to these services they should be respected by community and Government should facilitate entrepreneurs, as entrepreneurship is engine to economic growth.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Dr. Abdul Hafeez Shaikh

Dr. Abdul Hafeez Sheikh is present Pakistani finance minister. He has also served as privatization minister during the tenure of former President Musharraf. There is a successful privatization program to his credit during his previous charge. He had graduated from Boston University with undergraduate and post graduate degrees in economics. He also has worked in Harvard University. 
During 90’s dr. Hafeez served as country head World Bank Saudi Arabia. Dr Sheikh has also written a book on Argentina’s privatization program.
He has been a partner at new silk route. New silk route is a private equity firm. According to his record made public by election commission of Pakistan he owns assets of more then 250 million rupees. He owns a house in Dubai and held money in various foreign banks accounts.
He was born in jacobabad and also runs watan foundation for the betterment of poor Pakistanis by providing them clean drinking water, and other health facilities.
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Monday, April 9, 2012

Internet Business

Recently Facebook went public. Its value is above 100 billion us dollars. There are many internet companies that went public and are enormously valued. But still majority of internet companies are private. Majority of these companies are built by people aged less than 40, like Mark Zuckerberg. Well known Cook family has started many internet businesses including the myYearbook. Internet offers enormous opportunity to entrepreneurs.  The fact is that internet has given rise to the global economy that has no borders. You can provide your services to different people of the world, belonging to different continents.
The best side of internet business is that there is practically zero marginal cost in this business. Secondly you do not need heavy infrastructure like transport, rails and roads, etc. this offers remarkable opportunity to entrepreneurs from third world countries. Monis Rehman is one such entrepreneur who started Rozee. It has been estimated to be worth more than 600000 us dollars. Scrybe Founder Faizan Buzdar has also made use of internet.

Monday, April 2, 2012

ChenOne, fashion retailer

ChenOne is Pakistan’s leading fashion retailer. It has retail outlets in Pakistan and Middle Eastern countries. ChenOne was established in 1997. The first ChenOne store was opened in Islamabad then another in Lahore. Since then there is no looking back. In all of the major cities of Pakistan there is ChenOne retail outlet. ChenOne offers fashion clothing, bed linen, foot wear, kitchen accessories and furniture.
ChenOne is brainchild of mian Muhammad Latif. He started this chain to provide international quality to customers at local prices. Initially it was planed to establish such stores in 14 different cities of Pakistan. ChenOne has four different departments to cater to the needs of their customers. Presently ChenOne has more then 20 stores.
ChenOne offers free home delivery and offers special discount. ChenOne has revenue of 24.5 million us dollars and earns profit of 1.3 million us dollars.
ChenOne has retail outlets in following places. ChenOne stores are located in Pakistan in the following places:
  • Islamabad (Opened in 1997)
  • Rahim Yar Khan (Opened in 1997)
  • Lahore (Gulberg branch) (Opened in 1998)
  • Faisalabad (Opened in 1998)
  • Karachi (Opened in 1999)
  • Rawalpindi (Opened in 2001)
  • Peshawar (Opened in 2002)
  • Abbottabad (Opened in 2004)
  • Lahore (Defence branch) (Opened in 2004)
  • Multan (Opened in 2005)
  • Sialkot (Opened in 2006)
  • Gujrat (Opened in 2006)
  • Karachi (Tariq Road) (2008)
  • Bhurban (Opened in 2008)
  • Sargodha (Opened in 2009)
  • Bahawalpur (Opened in 2009)
Outside of Pakistan, ChenOne has stores in the following places: [8]
  • Abu Dhabi
  • Dubai (Jumeriah)
  • Makkah
  • Bahrain
  • Ajman
  • Sharjah
  • Riyadh (Olaya Road near to Kingdom Tower)
Chenone is owned by Chenab group. Mian Muhammad latif, with the worth of 700 million us dollars, is chairman Chenab group.
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Saturday, March 24, 2012

Pakistanis in retail and wholesale sector worldwide

Pakistan is 6th most populous country in the world. This country is having huge growing middle class. Size of retail and wholesale market is above 40 billion us dollars per annum. To benefit from this huge sector many international retail and wholesale companies have moved in Pakistan. Metro cash and carry, makro, hyperstar etc. are some names that are active in Pakistan’s retail and wholesale sector. 
Although Pakistan has huge retail sector, but still Pakistan has not produced any international chain of supermarkets. The size of majority of retailers is small and competition among them is tough. Retail sector contribute very little to state exchequer despite having a large share in GDP. Total contribution to state exchequer is approximately 125 million rupees while 50 million is contributed by canteen store department, chain of retail outlets managed by defense ministry.
Pakistan has huge diaspora. nearly 7 million Pakistanis are living in different countries of the world. there are nearly 1 million Pakistanis in united states. In United Kingdom nearly .7 million Pakistanis are living.
Many Pakistani businessmen abroad are involved in retail and wholesale business. This is because Retail business doesn’t needs a person to have any experience or specified level of education. Many Pakistani owns convenience stores abroad. The US convenience store market is monopolized by Pakistanis and Indians. In United Kingdom many Pakistanis are active in retail and wholesale sector. E.g. Pak supermarket is owned by Khalid Hussain. United wholesale grocer was owned by Muhammad Sarwar and his brother Muhammad Ramzan. Sir Anwer Pervaiz owns Bestway cash and carry. Najib Khan owns food retailing business in United Kingdom. Syed Qamar Reza owns 12 outlet of retail24 in United Kingdom.
Pakistanis are not only active in retail sector of USA and UK but also Middle Eastern countries. Abdul Razzaq Yaqoob owns chain of jewelry outlets. He also has started ARY cash and carry.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

industries produced Pakistani billionaires

According to Forbes technology is the sector that has produced highest number of billionaire in United States after investment. The leading sector in the rest of the world according to Forbes is investment while fashion and retail ranks second.

1. Investments: 143
2. Fashion & Retail: 123
3. Real Estate: 102
4. Diversified: 97
5. Technology: 90
6.  Manufacturing: 85
7. Energy: 78
8. Finance: 77
9. Food & Beverage: 69
10. Media: 64
Pakistan has a list of rupee billionaires, although completeness and correctness of this list is doubted. Although it is difficult to know which sector produced how many billionaires in Pakistan. But it can be seen from the list that majority of Pakistani billionaires come from diversified, textile and fashion, investment, landholdings, overseas business and media.
Big business houses in Pakistan used to invest in diversified sectors to manage risk.
Pakistan has huge textile and fashion industry and is growing at a high rate. Many fashion designers have started doing business on a global scale. Names like Maria b. Hassan Shehryar Yasin etc are having retail outlet around the world and their clients include many rich and famous people including family members of royal families. Fashion retail outlet like Chenone is having its retail outlets in different cities of the world.
Pakistani stock exchange is best performing stock exchange in the world. It has generated good returns for investors. Many international investors are also investing in Pakistan’s stock exchange. Pakistan has many mutual funds which provide opportunity to household investors to invest in stock exchange.
Pakistan has large land holdings since the colonial era and families manage to keep these large land holdings in their own families through inter-cousin marriages.
Many Pakistani billionaires have got their massive wealth from overseas business and investment in other countries. Sir Anwer Perwaiz is one such billionaire who got his wealth by establishing bestway group in UK.
Media is another such area where Pakistani billionaires have stakes. Jang group owned by Mir family is well known to have earned their wealth from their media business. Electronic media is a recent entry in this field As Pakistani government started issuing licenses to private television channels.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Why agricultural business is going to be the most profitable

Pakistan is an agricultural country. Till this day agriculture is practiced in traditional ways. Pakistan has vast and fertile land and has largest irrigation system in the world. On the other side Pakistan has huge population to feed.
Pakistan’s rich and fertile land has not been used fully and efficiently till now. There is enough potential for improvement in many areas of agriculture. Presently per acre yield is quite low. The crops are much less resistant to diseases. Much of the cultivatable area is dependent on rain for irrigation.
An entrepreneur can benefit from these states of affairs. By enhancing the productivity by using better quality seed, using better techniques, employing more capital, using more fertilizer, and seeding the varieties that are more resistant to diseases.
Livestock farming also offers huge opportunities for businessmen. Pakistan has one of the lowest productivity of milk per animal. In Pakistan 8 animal produces milk as much as 1 animal in United States. Halal food is promising area. Investment in this business can be rewarding in near future.
Agricultural business can be good not only in short run but can also be profitable in the long run as well. World is moving towards an end of fossil fuel era and bio-fuel is going to be the new booming field for investors and entrepreneur. Raw material for bio-fuel will come from agriculture and there will be huge profits in this sector.
Development of new techniques and there implementation needs more capital then a small farmer can have. So by investing heavy amounts of money, bringing new techniques, using latest equipment investors and businessman can earn profits many times the investment.

Friday, March 9, 2012

Fiyaz family, Pakistani billionaires

Alshair Fiyaz and his brother Javaid Fiyaz are two Pakistani investors. Fiyaz family is estimated to be billionaire and has estimated wealth of 3 billion pounds. Fiyaz family has mainly earned their fortune from textile industry and shipping.

Alshair Fiyaz is the founder of ALFI investments, a buy-out company. Through ALFI investments.  ALFI investments hold stakes in shipping business, retailing, financial services, and commodities.

ALFI operated Illum department store and then sold it to a private equity firm MGPA. Alshair Fiyaz was also bidding for peacock fashion retailer, but later changed his mind and abandoned the rescue bid for fashion chain.

In 2009 ALFI acquired Novum Securities, a UK broking organization.
Alshair Fiyaz was also founding director of real estate firm Iron House Limited.

Javed Fiyaz, is a young entrepreneur having interests in real estate, shipping, oil and gas, commodities, mining and consumer goods. He is based in U.K.
He is presently working for Iron House Limited.
He also works for education and health in Pakistan through his charitable trust named Javed Fiyaz Charitable Trust. This trust was established to help victims of earthquake, that struck Pakistan in 2005.

Recently Alshair Fiyaz purchased yacht which was formerly owned by H.H. Muhammad Al Zayed
Al Nahyan. Name of his yacht is Ecstasea.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Pakistani American on forbes list

Forbes has issued list of billionaires 2014. According to Forbes there are 1645 billionaires in the world. This is the all time high number of billionaires according to the Forbes magazine. the total aggregate wealth of these billionaires is 6.4 trillion us dollars.
Shahid khan, the Pakistani born american billionaires has been estimated to be worth 4.1 billion dollars.  He has been ranked 367th richest person in the world. Shahid Khan is the owner of Flex-N-Gate, an automobile parts manufacturer. He is also the owner of Jacksonville jaguars of the National Football League. in july 2013, he acquired premier league football club Fulham for estimated 300 million us dollars. His name has also been mentioned in rich list Pakistani expatriate.
Shahid Khan was born in Lahore, Pakistan. He went to United States at the age of sixteen for studying. He has Bsc in mechanical and industrial engineering.
His company Flex-N-Gate has 12450 employees and 48 manufacturing plant. In year 2011 Flex-N-Gate has 3 billion us dollars in revenue.
Shahid Khan is married with Ann Khan and has two children Shan Khan and Tony Khan.
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Friday, March 2, 2012

Pakistan's retailing industry big names

Pakistan’s retail market is estimated at over $42 billion a year. There are many international names in our retail and wholesale sector including metro, makro etc. There are many national brands as well that are busy in retailing business. Names of national retail businesses are given below along with brief introduction.
Canteen store department
Canteen store department is a chain of retail stores all over the country. This chain is run by Pakistani ministry of defense for the purpose of welfare. CSD sells a wide variety of products. Generally these are purchased in bulk by CSD and sold at concessional rates. Now CSD is open to all citizens of Pakistan but previously it was open only to government employees especially members of armed forces. Currently there are more then 100 shops owned and managed by the department.
RAHAT bakers
Rahat is a chain of bakeries in twin cities. There are 5 bakeries in twin cities of Islamabad and Rawalpindi. All 5 bakeries are owned and managed by noon brothers.
Savour foods
Savour is a chain of food retail outlets selling primarily rice dishes.
Gourmet bakers
Gourmet is a retail chain of bakeries. There are over a 100 stores in Lahore.
It’s a high-end fashion retailer. It is the chain of retail stores across Pakistan, India, UAE, Malaysia, and United Kingdom.
Chenone is Chain of fashion stores having 20+ stores in Pakistan and Middle East. Chenone offers fashion clothing, foot wear, bed linen, kitchen accessories, and furniture.
Imtiaz supermarket
Imtiaz supermarket is a chain of supermarket in Karachi serving 60,000 to 70,000 people per week. Currently there are two supermarkets in Karachi with plans to grow further.
Naheed supermarket
It is another supermarket targeting middle class just like imtiaz supermarket. This supermarket attracts nearly 4000 customers daily.
Greenvalley supermarket
Greenvalley is a high-end supermarket chain, recently started by bahria town (pvt.) Ltd.
Sauda sulf
Sauda sulf is a chain of departmental stores in twin cities of Islamabad and Rawalpindi. Presently it has two flagship stores located in F-11 markaz, Islamabad and another one in chaklala scheme-3, Rawalpindi.
Pace shopping mall
Pace has 5 branches in Lahore, 1 in Gujrat and 1 in Gujranwala. Pace is owned by Mrs. Aamna Taseer, widow of slain governor Salman Taseer.
cosmo express and cosmo cash and carry are two types of retail outlets owned by sohrab group.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Pakistani movies entrepreneur

Shoaib Mansoor, very creative Pakistani film director, writer, and producer. He had produced many dramas for Pakistan television in the beginning of his career. He had written, directed, produced drama serial ankahi, fifty fifty, alpha bravo Charlie, sunehredin and gulls &guys. Alpha bravo Charlie and sunehre din were about military life in Pakistan army and were produced in collaboration with ISPR. He was the man behind vital signs. He was the mentor of junaid jamshaid, lead singer of vital signs.
In 2007 movie khuda kay liya was released. It was written directed produced by Shoaib Mansoor. The cost of movie was 1 million USD i.e. 60 million rupees at that time. Traditionally films in Pakistan costs rupees 3 to 5 crore i.e. half a million dollar.
This movie proved instant success and did business of 2.5 million us dollars.
In 2011 another film bol was released under the banner of geo films. This movie broke all the records of highest earning films in Pakistan. Within is 6 days of its release, it earned rupees 62.792 million rupees. Sahara one network acquired seven years satellite rights of this film for rupees 70 crore i.e. nearly 10 million USD.
Shoaib Mansoor is presently working on another project. He has earned money by providing good entertainment. His films and dramas are not only entertaining but also educative. Shoaib Mansoor or Shoman as he calls himself is a real genius of Pakistani business.
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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

From small broiler farm to an empire

In his college days, when other students were dreaming of huge salaries, beautiful life, he saw the demand and filled it. He is the true entrepreneur. In 1964 he started a small broiler farm of 1000 chicks. This was a patriotic act by this daring entrepreneur to fulfill the protein needs of his fellow men and women. His first flock was reared in a spare shed at his family’s edible oil business. This small initiative of Khalil Sattar later became K&N chicken.
K&N chicken a name trusted not only by Pakistanis but also by many foreigners. K&N stands for the name of Khalil and his wife. Halal certified chicken is not only supplied to Pakistani consumers but also too many other countries. Many international food outlets, in Pakistan, purchases slaughtered chicken from K&N chicken. K&N not only incubates and grow chicken but also slaughter according to Islamic method. The whole process from breeding to serving chicken is carried on by K&N, to make sure that consumer get the healthy and clean food.
The company is also exporting chicken meat to other countries. But it has to face tough competition from subsidized meat from Europe. The company is doing well in value addition to remain competitive.
Pakistan presently has nearly 387 million poultry and quality of Pakistani halal chicken is best in the world. To enhance productivity of Pakistani farmers K&N has also introduced another breed of chicken i.e. Cobb 500 in Pakistan. This breed has resulted in superior performance on low density rations, lowest feed conversion ratio, highest growth rates, highest livability, most feed efficient, best broiler uniformity and competitive breeder performance. Cobb 500 is most widely used breed around the world.
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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Rich list Pakistani expatriates

Below is a list of richest Pakistani expatriates along with their estimated worth. This list only shows how well they are doing in their respective fields and racism or lack of it, opportunities or lack of it in different countries. Estimates can be a few year older. Although the list is not complete because of unavailability of data, but still it is interesting.
1.      Shahid khan estimated worth 4.1 BILLION US DOLLARS U.S.A.
He owns Jacksonville Jaguars of the National Football League and automobile parts manufacturer Flex-N-Gate Corporation.
2.      Sir Anwer Pervaiz (estimated worth 1.5 billion us dollars.), U.K. 
 Mr. Anwar who went to U.K. during 60’s is now owner of bestway group of companies. He started from the humble beginning in U.K. After working for some low paying jobs he gathered enough capital to start “Kashmir store”. As with every other businessman, His early days in business were difficult. His customers were generally from sub continent. Owing to good quality and low prices his business started growing slowly. In 1976 sir anwar launched bestway’s wholesale warehouse in London. Now his bestway owns more than 50 cash and carries. Till now bestway has huge investment in Pakistan cement sector, banking sector. Bestway group is the owner of largest cement manufacturing plant in Pakistan. Bestway presently have stakes in cash and carry wholesale, cement manufacturing, property, retailing, milling of rice and pulses, and banking. Sir Anwar Pervaiz got many awards from government of Pakistan for investing huge amounts In Pakistan. His worth is estimated to be 1.5 billion us dollars in year 2011.
3.      Muhammad Zahoor 750 MILLION US DOLLARS Ukraine
He is British/Paksitani businessman. He owns Kyiv post. He also has huge investment in real estate.
4.      Sattar (Shimmy) Qureshi (480 million us dollars),U.S.A
Mr. Qureshi based in USA has huge investments in property. He owns and manages many properties world wide.
5.      Akmal Khushi along with his brother Afzal Khushi 400 million us dollars Glasgow (UK)
 Jacob’s & turner, manufacturing and retailing.
Both brothers are managing director Jacob’s & Turner. Akmal and Afzal Khushi who took over their father’s business in 1977 and has subsequently increased the number of stores in the UK to 70 and expanded into 62 countries around the world.
6.      Zameer Choudrey, London. U.K. (300 million us dollars)
Managing director of London based Pakistani owned cash and carry bestway. He has a share of 70% in supermarket chain buybest in UK.
7.      Nabeel Gareeb, USA CEO MEMC Electronic Mats 240 million US dollars
One of highest paid CEO in the world. He is highest paid in technology world.
8.      Fred Hassan, USA CEO Schering-plough net worth 240 million US dollars
Merger deal of Schering-plough made him rich, he got nearly 50 million dollar because of merger.
9.      Aneel Mussarat, U.K. 38, 228.30m $, 466th rich in Britain and 21st rich Asian in Britain
MCR property group
10.  Shaf Rasul, 37, SCOTLAND, 82 MILLION POUNDS, 129.11 million dollars
He earned his wealth through Information technology and property.
11.  Maqbool Rasul, Scotland, 42.51 million us dollars.
Global video chain. Maq Rasul and wife Shenaz have three children - Zahed, Syema, and Abid.
12. Nazim khan, U.K., finance and outsourcing, 110.22 million dollars
Alexander Mann Group
13.  Mo chaudhry, 94.47 million dollars
14.  Azeem Ibrahim, GLASGOW(UK), 94.47 million US dollars
15.  Afzal Khan, Bradford(UK), 62.98 million US dollars,
Bradford-based company Khan Design

16.  Muhammad Sarwar and Muhammad Ramzan, Glasgow (UK), 25.19 million US dollars
united wholesale grocers ltd. and united homestores ltd.
17.  Aamir Khan, UK, 8million US dollars boxer
18.  Mehmood Bhatti, France, 1.65million US Dollars,

 His multi-million dollar transatlantic company Bhatti is located in ten countries and had a turnover of 150 million francs