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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

From small broiler farm to an empire

In his college days, when other students were dreaming of huge salaries, beautiful life, he saw the demand and filled it. He is the true entrepreneur. In 1964 he started a small broiler farm of 1000 chicks. This was a patriotic act by this daring entrepreneur to fulfill the protein needs of his fellow men and women. His first flock was reared in a spare shed at his family’s edible oil business. This small initiative of Khalil Sattar later became K&N chicken.
K&N chicken a name trusted not only by Pakistanis but also by many foreigners. K&N stands for the name of Khalil and his wife. Halal certified chicken is not only supplied to Pakistani consumers but also too many other countries. Many international food outlets, in Pakistan, purchases slaughtered chicken from K&N chicken. K&N not only incubates and grow chicken but also slaughter according to Islamic method. The whole process from breeding to serving chicken is carried on by K&N, to make sure that consumer get the healthy and clean food.
The company is also exporting chicken meat to other countries. But it has to face tough competition from subsidized meat from Europe. The company is doing well in value addition to remain competitive.
Pakistan presently has nearly 387 million poultry and quality of Pakistani halal chicken is best in the world. To enhance productivity of Pakistani farmers K&N has also introduced another breed of chicken i.e. Cobb 500 in Pakistan. This breed has resulted in superior performance on low density rations, lowest feed conversion ratio, highest growth rates, highest livability, most feed efficient, best broiler uniformity and competitive breeder performance. Cobb 500 is most widely used breed around the world.
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  1. Good!Everyone has the potential to do something better for the country. You should make efforts for a better Pakistan
    pakistani politician of islamabad

  2. Heartening & rare enterprenurial success story of Pakistan