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Saturday, June 16, 2012

Founded by former income tax oficer

Interwood Mobel is Pakistan’s largest producer of wooden furniture. Interwood Mobel is founded and run by Farooq Malik, who is a former government employee at FBR. Interwood is manufacturer and retailer of furniture and owns retail outlet in many cities of the country. Presently this company is running 6 show rooms in Lahore, Karachi, and Islamabad. Nearly 1500 people are working for this company. Presently interwood is working with international household company Ikea. According to Farooq Malik profit margin is low but his company is learning a lot from Ikea.
The lifestyle of Interwood Mobel owner resembles that of Ikea owner Ingvar Kamprad. He lives in a rented house and owns an old car. He frequently attends exhibition in different countries and according to him he learns from these events. He is impressed with the creativity of Italian people.
Interwood Mobel was started when Mr. Malik was removed from government service. He started by making television cabinet, and then converted to manufacturing wooden doors. Meanwhile he was reinstated in previous job by government. After his retirement from government service as a 22 grade officer he started focusing on his business. Now his other family members have also joined him in this business.