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Sunday, September 30, 2012

Pakistan has one of the largest diasporas of the world.

The population of Pakistani Diaspora is more than the population of many countries. There are approximately 7 million people living overseas.
These people include world class professionals. Many doctors, engineers, business managers, etc. are working in different countries. Pakistan has world’s best doctors. They are serving in almost all countries of the world.
Pakistan has some best centers of higher education although they are few in numbers. These institutes include Ghulam Ishaq Khan Institute of science and technology, NUST, NED, IBA, LUMS, etc.
Expatriates serving in United States, United Kingdom are entrepreneurs, executives and other successful professional while those serving in Middle East are generally laborers. Rich expatriates are living overseas with their families while those less affluent are living alone. Pakistan receives enormous remittances especially from Middle East countries as expatriates from these countries send money to their families. Middle Eastern countries do not allow naturalization.
In European countries and in United States, it is estimated that half of Pakistanis have received their nationality. There are second and third generations of Pakistanis living there. These Pakistanis have learned a lot about foreign cultures and are increasingly intermingling with the local people from those countries.
Pakistan can export more man power to Middle Eastern countries as well as other countries facing shortage of manpower. There are many countries whose work force is shrinking owing to ageing of their population like Italy, Australia etc. and Pakistanis can benefit from opportunities in those countries. Although Pakistanis have to face stiff competition from china and India as both have huge population and have good standard of education. The increasing competition can only be faced by increasing the higher education spending as well as excess of higher education to more people.
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