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Friday, March 16, 2012

Why agricultural business is going to be the most profitable

Pakistan is an agricultural country. Till this day agriculture is practiced in traditional ways. Pakistan has vast and fertile land and has largest irrigation system in the world. On the other side Pakistan has huge population to feed.
Pakistan’s rich and fertile land has not been used fully and efficiently till now. There is enough potential for improvement in many areas of agriculture. Presently per acre yield is quite low. The crops are much less resistant to diseases. Much of the cultivatable area is dependent on rain for irrigation.
An entrepreneur can benefit from these states of affairs. By enhancing the productivity by using better quality seed, using better techniques, employing more capital, using more fertilizer, and seeding the varieties that are more resistant to diseases.
Livestock farming also offers huge opportunities for businessmen. Pakistan has one of the lowest productivity of milk per animal. In Pakistan 8 animal produces milk as much as 1 animal in United States. Halal food is promising area. Investment in this business can be rewarding in near future.
Agricultural business can be good not only in short run but can also be profitable in the long run as well. World is moving towards an end of fossil fuel era and bio-fuel is going to be the new booming field for investors and entrepreneur. Raw material for bio-fuel will come from agriculture and there will be huge profits in this sector.
Development of new techniques and there implementation needs more capital then a small farmer can have. So by investing heavy amounts of money, bringing new techniques, using latest equipment investors and businessman can earn profits many times the investment.

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