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Friday, May 16, 2014

Cybersecurity Billionaire Ashar Aziz Butt

Ashar Aziz Butt is founder, CTO and chief strategy officer of cybersecurity firm, FireEye. FireEye provides companies with technology and services to protect them against malwares and cyber attacks.
For a short duration Ashar Aziz, being the largest individual shareholder of the company became cybersecurity billionaire. He is the son of Asghar Butt, renowned Editor of the leading daily ‘The Nation’ and a former Pakistani bureaucrat.
Aziz's previous venture was Terraspring, which was later acquired by sun microsystem, a company where Aziz  worked for 12 years. Today Aziz is one of the top experts in internet and computer security. He is the original inventor of the set of technologies used by FireEye.
Owing to his holding in the cybersecrity giant, his net worth in the month of march 2014 jumped slightly more than a billion us dollars, as the share of his company hit 96$. His billionaire status was quickly taken away by a fall in the share price. Recently his company's share lost considerable value. His company's share is currently valued at 27.53$. This makes his net worth at 269.548 million dollars. At present he holds 9,791,096 shares of FireEye Inc.
 His company has acquired another company nPulse Technologies. In January the company acquired Mandiant, a cybersecurity firm based in Alexandria, for $1 billion.
Aziz holds Bachelor's degree in electrical engineering from Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Master's in computer science from University of California, Berkeley. He has one brother named Dr. Ahmer Aziz Butt.