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Sunday, December 16, 2012

Waste Management entrepreneur

Pakistan generates nearly 56000 tons of solid waste daily in urban areas only, and it is increasing at the rate of 2.4% annually. This solid waste is an opportunity for entrepreneurs.
This waste can be recycled, used to produce liquefied petroleum products, or electricity.  There are advanced waste-to-energy conversion technologies that are commercially viable and sustainable. Presently Fauji Cement Company is using municipal solid waste to produce electricity.
Garbage is not only a cheap source of producing electricity but it can also be used to produce fertilizers. It is profitably being converted to fertilizer by an entrepreneur from Lahore.
Asif Farooqi is a green entrepreneur. He is CEO of waste buster, a waste management company. He is the pioneer of the waste management business in Pakistan.
Some years earlier he started with 6 donkey carts that collected waste from house to house. Now his business waste buster has 200 garbage collection vehicle and employees 3000 people. His business is not only about making money but also conserving environment as well.
Mr. Farooqi informed in a report of al Jazeera that what started from six donkey carts has become a business employing three thousand people and all this money is generated from waste. His men collect garbage and other waste from narrow streets of Lahore and deliver to factory through garbage collection vehicles. His waste management plants separate garbage into organic, plastic and metals to produce liquefied petroleum products, and fertilizers for farmlands. 
Asif Farooqi holds masters degree in environmental engineering from northwestern university, USA with specialization in waste management. He has more than 20 years of experience in the field of environmental engineering. His company waste buster is based in Lahore. Many contracts have been won by the waste busters in Karachi and other cities of Pakistan.
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