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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Rich list Pakistani expatriates

Below is a list of richest Pakistani expatriates along with their estimated worth. This list only shows how well they are doing in their respective fields and racism or lack of it, opportunities or lack of it in different countries. Estimates can be a few year older. Although the list is not complete because of unavailability of data, but still it is interesting.
1.      Shahid khan estimated worth 4.1 BILLION US DOLLARS U.S.A.
He owns Jacksonville Jaguars of the National Football League and automobile parts manufacturer Flex-N-Gate Corporation.
2.      Sir Anwer Pervaiz (estimated worth 1.5 billion us dollars.), U.K. 
 Mr. Anwar who went to U.K. during 60’s is now owner of bestway group of companies. He started from the humble beginning in U.K. After working for some low paying jobs he gathered enough capital to start “Kashmir store”. As with every other businessman, His early days in business were difficult. His customers were generally from sub continent. Owing to good quality and low prices his business started growing slowly. In 1976 sir anwar launched bestway’s wholesale warehouse in London. Now his bestway owns more than 50 cash and carries. Till now bestway has huge investment in Pakistan cement sector, banking sector. Bestway group is the owner of largest cement manufacturing plant in Pakistan. Bestway presently have stakes in cash and carry wholesale, cement manufacturing, property, retailing, milling of rice and pulses, and banking. Sir Anwar Pervaiz got many awards from government of Pakistan for investing huge amounts In Pakistan. His worth is estimated to be 1.5 billion us dollars in year 2011.
3.      Muhammad Zahoor 750 MILLION US DOLLARS Ukraine
He is British/Paksitani businessman. He owns Kyiv post. He also has huge investment in real estate.
4.      Sattar (Shimmy) Qureshi (480 million us dollars),U.S.A
Mr. Qureshi based in USA has huge investments in property. He owns and manages many properties world wide.
5.      Akmal Khushi along with his brother Afzal Khushi 400 million us dollars Glasgow (UK)
 Jacob’s & turner, manufacturing and retailing.
Both brothers are managing director Jacob’s & Turner. Akmal and Afzal Khushi who took over their father’s business in 1977 and has subsequently increased the number of stores in the UK to 70 and expanded into 62 countries around the world.
6.      Zameer Choudrey, London. U.K. (300 million us dollars)
Managing director of London based Pakistani owned cash and carry bestway. He has a share of 70% in supermarket chain buybest in UK.
7.      Nabeel Gareeb, USA CEO MEMC Electronic Mats 240 million US dollars
One of highest paid CEO in the world. He is highest paid in technology world.
8.      Fred Hassan, USA CEO Schering-plough net worth 240 million US dollars
Merger deal of Schering-plough made him rich, he got nearly 50 million dollar because of merger.
9.      Aneel Mussarat, U.K. 38, 228.30m $, 466th rich in Britain and 21st rich Asian in Britain
MCR property group
10.  Shaf Rasul, 37, SCOTLAND, 82 MILLION POUNDS, 129.11 million dollars
He earned his wealth through Information technology and property.
11.  Maqbool Rasul, Scotland, 42.51 million us dollars.
Global video chain. Maq Rasul and wife Shenaz have three children - Zahed, Syema, and Abid.
12. Nazim khan, U.K., finance and outsourcing, 110.22 million dollars
Alexander Mann Group
13.  Mo chaudhry, 94.47 million dollars
14.  Azeem Ibrahim, GLASGOW(UK), 94.47 million US dollars
15.  Afzal Khan, Bradford(UK), 62.98 million US dollars,
Bradford-based company Khan Design

16.  Muhammad Sarwar and Muhammad Ramzan, Glasgow (UK), 25.19 million US dollars
united wholesale grocers ltd. and united homestores ltd.
17.  Aamir Khan, UK, 8million US dollars boxer
18.  Mehmood Bhatti, France, 1.65million US Dollars,

 His multi-million dollar transatlantic company Bhatti is located in ten countries and had a turnover of 150 million francs

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