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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Tariq Farid, Pakistani American entrepreneur

Tariq Farid is a Pakistani born American. He started his entrepreneurial career at an early age, by successfully managing flower shops. His latest started venture is Farid Capital Corporation that helps franchises buying equipment. Farid is a serial entrepreneur. Besides starting Farid Capital Corporation he is also operating an international franchise business by the name edible arrangements. Edible arrangements was started by Tariq along with his brother in 1999. His edible arrangements boasted revenues of 195million us dollars in 2008, and owns 883 franchises internationally.
His other entrepreneurial ventures are related to software. He created Netsolace, which is a software company and specializes in providing software to franchise industry.
Farid attribute his success to his business philosophy. According to him his success has come from paying attention to often overlooked details such as website, order tracking and follow-up customer service, the logo and branding, and employee training.
Farid has been recognized as an entrepreneur of the year by international franchise association in 2009.
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