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Sunday, April 15, 2012


Sadruddin Hashwani is a Pakistani billionaire. According to information available on the internet he has a net worth of 1 billion us dollars. He owns many five star hotels including world famous Marriott hotel Islamabad. He also owns stakes in many other businesses. He provides services to many people by offering staying facilities to many delegations foreign as well as domestic. His businesses also include oil and gas exploration and Production Company. He provides employment to many people directly and indirectly.
There are many other businessmen who provide employment to many people. Many overseas Pakistanis also have invested heavily in Pakistan like Sir Anwer Perwaiz. His Bestway group has invested in banking and cement manufacturing sector. His businesses also employees many people. Along with providing employment, his business produces products that are exported to many other countries. Cement manufactured by his plant is exported in huge quantity to Malaysia earning heavy foreign exchange.
Alsher Fiyaz is another expatriate Pakistani who is the founder of alfi investment and his company has stakes in shipping and retailing industry. His brother Javed Fiyaz is involved in many charity projects in Pakistan. Fiyaz family has an estimated net worth of 3 billion pounds.
Entrepreneurs generate opportunities for employment and earning foreign exchange. They produce goods and services for consumption inside and outside our country. So in regard to these services they should be respected by community and Government should facilitate entrepreneurs, as entrepreneurship is engine to economic growth.

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