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Saturday, March 24, 2012

Pakistanis in retail and wholesale sector worldwide

Pakistan is 6th most populous country in the world. This country is having huge growing middle class. Size of retail and wholesale market is above 40 billion us dollars per annum. To benefit from this huge sector many international retail and wholesale companies have moved in Pakistan. Metro cash and carry, makro, hyperstar etc. are some names that are active in Pakistan’s retail and wholesale sector. 
Although Pakistan has huge retail sector, but still Pakistan has not produced any international chain of supermarkets. The size of majority of retailers is small and competition among them is tough. Retail sector contribute very little to state exchequer despite having a large share in GDP. Total contribution to state exchequer is approximately 125 million rupees while 50 million is contributed by canteen store department, chain of retail outlets managed by defense ministry.
Pakistan has huge diaspora. nearly 7 million Pakistanis are living in different countries of the world. there are nearly 1 million Pakistanis in united states. In United Kingdom nearly .7 million Pakistanis are living.
Many Pakistani businessmen abroad are involved in retail and wholesale business. This is because Retail business doesn’t needs a person to have any experience or specified level of education. Many Pakistani owns convenience stores abroad. The US convenience store market is monopolized by Pakistanis and Indians. In United Kingdom many Pakistanis are active in retail and wholesale sector. E.g. Pak supermarket is owned by Khalid Hussain. United wholesale grocer was owned by Muhammad Sarwar and his brother Muhammad Ramzan. Sir Anwer Pervaiz owns Bestway cash and carry. Najib Khan owns food retailing business in United Kingdom. Syed Qamar Reza owns 12 outlet of retail24 in United Kingdom.
Pakistanis are not only active in retail sector of USA and UK but also Middle Eastern countries. Abdul Razzaq Yaqoob owns chain of jewelry outlets. He also has started ARY cash and carry.

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