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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Iqbal Zafaruddin Ahmed

Iqbal Zafaruddin Ahmed is a Pakistani entrepreneur and philanthropist. His business group, Associated group, was founded by Iqbal and his father. It was 1965 when they laid the foundation of this energy group.
Today his group has become the largest producer, transporter and marketer of liquefied petroleum gas in private sector. The member companies of this group are jamshoro joint venture limited, lub gas, mehran LPG, Pakistan Gasport limited, AG omnimedia, AG publications, and associated estate developer. This group has revenues in excess of 200 million us dollars.
The group has extended its interest in the media and property development by launching AG omni media, AG publications, and associated estate developer.
Iqbal Zafaruddin Ahmed is a self made businessman who started business at the young age of 16. He was born in Patna, India to Z. Z. Ahmed, who later becomes deputy inspector general police (Pakistan). Iqbal Ahmed has been featured in Newsweek international and Forbes. His family has produced lawyers, judges, politician, and bureaucrats. Some leading names from his family include moulvi Ziauddin Ahmed, first Indian to serve as DIG (deputy inspector general) Bombay sindh presidency. Pakistan’s ambassador Riazzuddin. Former (Pakistani) Supreme Court Justice Sabihuddin Ahmed was his cousin.
Mr. Iqbal played an important role in improving Pakistan US relations.
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