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Monday, November 5, 2012

Pakistani people in private equity industry.

Private equity represents a class of investors, their funds, and their subsequent investments, which are made in private companies or public companies with the goal of taking them private.
Below are some notable Pakistani people from private equity industry around the globe.
1.      Riaz Siddiqi is a Founder and Managing Partner of Denham Capital, a private equity firm that manages over 4 billion dollars and invests in the commodity and energy sectors globally.
2.      Faysal Sohail is a venture capitalist and has served as a General Partner at CMEA Capital since 2002. 
3.      Wahid Hamid is a Senior Partner at Abraaj Capital and Head of Portfolio Management and Operations Group.
4.      Dr. Moeen Qureshi - Chairman of EMP Global, a multi-billion private equity fund; Former Prime Minister of Pakistan; Former CFO of World Bank
5.      Arif Naqvi is founder Abraaj Capital, a leading private equity firm that invests in Middle East and North Africa.
6.      Aamer A. Sarfraz is founder of Indus Basin Holding, a developer of agribusiness projects in Pakistan.
7.      James Caan is also the founder and currently CEO of the UK-based private equity firm Hamilton Bradshaw
8.      asad zain Founding Member at Manara Equity Partners
9.      Abdul Hafeez Sheikh, General Partner New Silk Route Partners (a private equity firm that invests in Asia and middle east)
10.  Sardar Sherazam Mazari. In May 2009, he established Rojhan Capital as Managing Partner, which is an investment and management company focused on Pakistan.
11. Asad Jamal of ePlanet Capital is global venture pioneer. He has offices in Asia, Europe, U.S. he led investments in many hi-tech firms including Baidu ( China’s google), HiSoft (information technology and business process outsourcing company headquartered in China), median technologies (cancer detection company based in France), SiliconFile Technologies(chips for cell phones and cameras, South Korea

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