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Thursday, March 22, 2012

industries produced Pakistani billionaires

According to Forbes technology is the sector that has produced highest number of billionaire in United States after investment. The leading sector in the rest of the world according to Forbes is investment while fashion and retail ranks second.

1. Investments: 143
2. Fashion & Retail: 123
3. Real Estate: 102
4. Diversified: 97
5. Technology: 90
6.  Manufacturing: 85
7. Energy: 78
8. Finance: 77
9. Food & Beverage: 69
10. Media: 64
Pakistan has a list of rupee billionaires, although completeness and correctness of this list is doubted. Although it is difficult to know which sector produced how many billionaires in Pakistan. But it can be seen from the list that majority of Pakistani billionaires come from diversified, textile and fashion, investment, landholdings, overseas business and media.
Big business houses in Pakistan used to invest in diversified sectors to manage risk.
Pakistan has huge textile and fashion industry and is growing at a high rate. Many fashion designers have started doing business on a global scale. Names like Maria b. Hassan Shehryar Yasin etc are having retail outlet around the world and their clients include many rich and famous people including family members of royal families. Fashion retail outlet like Chenone is having its retail outlets in different cities of the world.
Pakistani stock exchange is best performing stock exchange in the world. It has generated good returns for investors. Many international investors are also investing in Pakistan’s stock exchange. Pakistan has many mutual funds which provide opportunity to household investors to invest in stock exchange.
Pakistan has large land holdings since the colonial era and families manage to keep these large land holdings in their own families through inter-cousin marriages.
Many Pakistani billionaires have got their massive wealth from overseas business and investment in other countries. Sir Anwer Perwaiz is one such billionaire who got his wealth by establishing bestway group in UK.
Media is another such area where Pakistani billionaires have stakes. Jang group owned by Mir family is well known to have earned their wealth from their media business. Electronic media is a recent entry in this field As Pakistani government started issuing licenses to private television channels.

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