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Monday, April 9, 2012

Internet Business

Recently Facebook went public. Its value is above 100 billion us dollars. There are many internet companies that went public and are enormously valued. But still majority of internet companies are private. Majority of these companies are built by people aged less than 40, like Mark Zuckerberg. Well known Cook family has started many internet businesses including the myYearbook. Internet offers enormous opportunity to entrepreneurs.  The fact is that internet has given rise to the global economy that has no borders. You can provide your services to different people of the world, belonging to different continents.
The best side of internet business is that there is practically zero marginal cost in this business. Secondly you do not need heavy infrastructure like transport, rails and roads, etc. this offers remarkable opportunity to entrepreneurs from third world countries. Monis Rehman is one such entrepreneur who started Rozee. It has been estimated to be worth more than 600000 us dollars. Scrybe Founder Faizan Buzdar has also made use of internet.


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