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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Businesses of some pakistani celebrities.

Waseem akram

Waseem akram, the sultan of king, owns reebok franchise. He is found of luxury cars.

Inzmam ul haq

He is busy in looking after his construction business. He is also going to establish halal food business, in dubai, by the name ‘meat one’.

Junaid jamshaid

Junaid jamshaid owns fashion designer wear outlet for men and women.

Imran khan

He earns by writing in international newspapers, appear as commentator on different channels.

Reema khan

Partner in Lahore zoo.

Javaid mian dad

He has invested in cable television network along with a partner

Zohaib hassan

He owns a construction business

Shahid afridi

He belongs to a business family, owning several businesses including automobile, transport, sacrifical animals etc.

Saba faisal

She is a dress designer

Sidra iqbal

She is the founding managing director of statuspro, a public relation firm.

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