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Sunday, February 12, 2012

About some nontraditional export industries of Pakistan

Surgical instrument industry
Pakistan has hundred years old surgical industry. It began when some British doctors got their instruments repaired by local skilled people. Today Pakistan has 8th largest surgical instrument industry in the world. Pakistan manufactures more than 10000 types of surgical instruments. Instruments manufactured in Pakistan are famous for their quality and are equivalent to that of manufactured in Germany. Pakistan exports most of locally manufactured surgical instruments. Pakistan exports 250 million us dollar worth of surgical instruments that fetch low price owing to lack of branding. Pakistan manufactures 100 million such instruments every year and export to 140 different countries.
Fan industry
Pakistan has 12th largest fan industry in the world. Pakistan manufactures 8 million fans per annum and export to 50 different countries. Pakistani fan industry provides employment to 100 thousand people. Pakistan exports fan worth of 30 million us dollars per annum.
Information technology industry
Pakistan is performing very well in this industry. IT exports are predicted to grow to 20 billion us dollars in 2020. Presently IT industry provide employment to .15 million people. Pakistan has nearly 1000 local software companies.
Footwear industry
Pakistan is 6th largest footwear manufacturing country in the world and exports 11 million us dollar worth of footwear annually. Leather from sacrificial animal is life line for this industry. It provides employment to 1 million people.

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