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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Pakistan's Logistic Giant

Agriculture sector contributes a lion share in Pakistan’s GDP. But presently Pakistan’s 40% agricultural produce is lost because of bad logistic infrastructure. And this company is experimenting with ways to provide logistic services to Pakistani agriculture sector with only three to four percent loss.
Starting from four employees, it now has over 400 people as its employs. With 700 customers including many national and multinational companies, it takes care of whole process of logistics including shipping, trucking and warehousing.
The company was started by Abid Butt in 2005, who earlier worked for a French logistic giant Geodis. At that time, in Pakistan, no one was available to provide end to end solution, so initial idea was to provide all services including trucking, warehousing and shipping etc by the same company. This led the company’s name being e2e supply chain management (pvt.) ltd. i.e. end to end supply chain management (pvt.) ltd. In 2011 butt’s company had around 76 million us dollars in annual revenues. The company grew 1918% from 2008 to 2010 and was nominated as Pakistan’s fastest growing private company by AllWorld network in 2012. Initial investment in e2e supply chain management (Pvt.) ltd. was arranged by him and his friend and was 1 million rupees (nearly 20000 us dollars at that time) each.
Company’s founder Abed butt is a LUMS graduate with a major in economics and also holds an MBA from INSEAD. After graduating from LUMS, Pakistan’s leading business school, Abid worked for Maersk. Later on he joined Geodis, and was posted in Paris.
He started his business from Karachi, Pakistan’s industrial and commercial heart. He started his entrepreneurial career by resigning from Geodis, risking a steady career growth. At that time he was making 15000 euros per month.
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