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Thursday, January 26, 2012

How the rich managed to remain rich

The upper two percent population of Pakistan owns 98% of resources while the rest of 98% have 2% resources. The wealth of these rich individuals and rich families remain in their families. Some Rich families deliberately manage to do so by many ways. Below are these methods and tricks


There are customs of inter cousin marriages among many families. If marriage is taking place outside family even then rich parent like to marry of their children in the families having the same social standing.


Rich parents produce rich children because rich children inherit from their parents. In many feudal families land holding is deliberately held within family.

Higher education

Good education generally mean good job and good job means huge salary and wealth. Affluent families make heavy expenditure on the education of their children. As a result of good education they have high worth in market.


Generally wealth is produced by entrepreneurship. Children of entrepreneurs are more likely to start business then the children of non entrepreneur parents.

Psychological built

Some life skills are also inherited from parents. Children of optimist parents are likely to be optimist. And according to numerous studies an optimist is more likely to be wealthier with the same level of earnings.


Traditions among families are also one reason of wealth being held in rich families. Family culture of saving and investing trading and giving charity all add to the wealth ness of families.

Family pressure to hoard land

In many feudal families land is not divided to keep the political power undivided. This gives them opportunity to wield more political power. Many feudal lords don’t marry of their children to other families for risk of losing the grips over land which is a tool to gain access to political power.

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