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Saturday, January 21, 2012

16 great ideas for paksitani entrepreneurs

There is enough scope for entrepreneurship in worst situations
Today I am going to write about some great business ideas.
Biogas plant
As there is going shortage of natural gas and other energy resources, starting a biogas business can be very successful. Input is animal manure that is easily available.
Data centre
As the cost of maintaining the data is increasing because of electricity shortage, more and more companies want data center to manage their data. Although data center industry is in its initial stages but there is huge opportunity for entrepreneurs.
Dairy farming
Although Pakistan is one of the largest milk producing country in the world but still productivity per animal is low as compared to developed countries standards. By simple techniques productivity of animals can be enhanced. There is huge gap between milk produced per cow in United States and milk produced per cow in Pakistan. In United States on average a cow produces 9 liters of milk per day whereas in Pakistan average milk production per cow per day stands at 1 liter per day. So this indicates huge opportunity for Pakistani agricultural entrepreneurs.
Halal food
There is dazzling opportunity for Pakistani entrepreneurs in this field. Halal food market globally is estimated to be 3 trillion us dollars per annum. Pakistan can easily get 10 % share of this global market which amounts to 300 billion us dollars. Poultry industry is growing. Entrepreneurs only need to get halal certificate. Many seminars are being done these days on halal food business.
Wind turbines
As country is facing acute shortage of electricity and Pakistan has plenty of sights where wind farms can be set up for production of electricity. There will be going demand for wind turbines in near future and production of wind turbines can be very lucrative.
Internet business
Day by day internet population is growing in Pakistan. Companies are allocating more of there budget to online advertising. Internet marketing is going to be in great demand within few years.
Wind energy
By ever increasing demand of electricity alternate energy sources have become important. Cheap electricity can be generated by establishing wind farms.
Second hand mobiles and automobiles
Business can be built around second hand cars and mobiles. Guarantee about quality needs to be given. With rising cases of theft and robbery guarantee and assurance that the product is not robbed one can be compelling for the customer.
Islamic fashion designing
Pakistani fashion designers till now have remained successful not only inside Pakistan but also abroad. Pakistan can tap into 80 billion us dollars Islamic fashion market.
Sunglasses line
Pakistani fashion designer have Paid attention to footwear and clothes but very little attention has been paid to sunglasses. Sunglasses line can be very successful. It can be started with small investment.
Traditional food restaurant
With decreasing availability of natural gas in homes, restaurant business will thrive. More and more ladies are going to be working in offices so demand for ready made food will increase.
Medical insurance
Medical treatment has become costly. To provide medical facilities to Pakistani public medical insurance can be very good business. Middle class can pay for medical insurance.
Hospital chain
Private hospitals provide medical services but are very expensive. If a private hospital chain can be set up offering membership for a subscription fee. Many people will pay for it.
Wood for construction
As Pakistan has extreme climate in many regions. In order to keep houses cool in summers and warm in winter Pakistani people make huge expenditure. If wood is used in construction a considerable amount of energy can be saved. As wood is not a good conductor, houses built using wood can save huge expenditure on energy.
Broadband reseller
Broadband internet is not available to many remote areas. Reselling broadband areas can be a good idea.
We do not have enough super markets. Discount markets especially in rural areas can be successful, provided a mechanism for payment can be developed for rural people, as they can pay in harvest only.
Creative businesses
Gone are the days when natural resources are the main determined of wealth production. Now the real determined of wealth of countries and individuals is creativity. We see j. k. Rowling making millions from writing. Films and TV productions have become a huge industry. Pakistan has many production houses running successfully. But still Pakistan is not producing enough films dramas. Starting a production house can be challenging but it can be very successful in these days of electronic media


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